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Lice Removal Services

Head Check:

$25 for Head Check

A thorough head lice examination of the entire scalp and hair.  If no evidence is found during visual check then a comb through to be 100% sure that nothing else is present.

If head lice is found, visual evidence will be shown and treatment options reviewed.  Fee waived if treatment is performed.

Lice Treatment Pricing:

$125 for buzzed hair

$225 for short hair* (above shoulders)

*Additional charge for long, thick, textured, tangled and/or an excessive lice infestation. Price given during head check.  No surprises.

  •      All Major Credit Cards accepted
  •      Most Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  •      Most Health Saving Accounts (HSA)
Lice Removal Treatment Service includes:
  1. Non-Toxic Manual Removal Process
  2. Two Follow Up Visits
  3. Nit Free Miracle Lice Comb
  4. Treatment Letter
  5. Car & House Cleaning Instructions
  6. Prevention techniques to keep lice away Forever!
  7. Comprehensive Lice Education. Knowledge is Power when fighting lice.
  8. Pick a beautiful braid.
  9. All household members will be checked within 24 hours for Free!mol-image1



Before Your Appointment:


1. Please have hair washed, product free (no gels or hairspray), completely dried and tangle free upon arrival.

2. Everyone should wear a button down or zip up shirt for easy removal off the shoulders after treatment. Bring any type of clean shirt and/or jacket in a plastic bag to change into once treatment is completed.

3. To make you as comfortable as possible we have a DVD Player, Netflix, WiFi and Cable available. You may be sitting for an extended period of time (1 to 2.5 hours), so you may bring your favorite DVD.

4. Feel free to bring food, snacks, or drinks for your visit.

5. We strongly encourage all household family members to be available for head checks. The family head checks will ensure that all cases are identified and the potential for re-infestation is minimized.


Coming to your Appointment:


1. Please be on-time for your appointment.  We work hard to provide the proper amount of time dedicated to each of you. Call us if you are running late or are early to make sure we can accommodate you.

2. Our Treatment Center is in a residential home, so please park on the left side of the driveway and come to the front door.