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Parent Pages Story

In this Parent Pages article “A new Lease on Lice” details our use of the  Shepard Method of lice removal. It gives some good insight was to why a strand-by-strand, hand-done, nit-removal process works. It also explains how most of the over-the-counter products or medications have no guarantee and there are a varying degrees of effectiveness and safety.

Pharmacies sell over-the-counter combs and medications, and doctors can prescribe even more, but there is no guarantee that these products can kill lice or even make a dent in an infestation. Recent studies have even shown some head lice are resistant to common prescriptions and over-the-counter medications according to this Parent Pages Story.

Our combination of using natural treatments. Founded in 2012, we were formed to make lice-removal less traumatic for kids and their parents. We originally opened in Mechanicville by our full-service lice-removal salon is now located in Ballston Lake. We are the one and only full-service lice-removal salon in the Capital District that is certified in the Shepard Method, a strand-by-strand, hand-done, nit-removal process.